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Ibiganiro Bikunzwe

Uyu Munsi kuri TV1


Ku muntu wese ushaka kumenya amakuru agezweho haba mu Rwanda ,mu karere k’ibiyaga bigari ,Afurika n’ahandi ku isi nta handi wabisanga atari mu kiganiro cy’ibyasohotse mu binyamakuru kuri TV1 kuva kuwa mbere kugeza kuwa gatanu (7:00-8:00am)


Ni ikiganiro mpaka (Talk Show) Gikunzwe kurusha ibindi mu Rwanda. Gikorwa n’Abanyamakuru bacu KNC , Angely , na Olivier Ngabirano. niba ushaka gushima cyangwa kunenga kurikira Rirarashe buri wagatanu ubashe no gutanga ibitekerezo.

Film : THE Blacklist

When former government agent and fugitive Raymond "Red" Reddington surrenders to the FBI, he makes them an offer they can’t refuse. On the mysterious condition that he work only with recent Quantico graduate Liz Keen, he agrees to help put away criminals from a list that he compiled, which includes politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists — starting with long-thought-dead terrorist Ranko Zamani. As the two pursue their quarry, Red forces the rookie profiler to think like a criminal to see the bigger picture.
First episode date : September 23, 2013
Network : NBC
Production location : New York City

Film : THE Vikings

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and family man who is frustrated by the policies of Earl Haraldson, his local chieftain who sends his Viking raiders east to the Baltic states and Russia, whose residents are as poor as the Norsemen. Ragnar wants to head west, across the ocean, to discover new civilizations. With assistance from his friend Floki, Ragnar builds a faster, sleeker fleet of boats to help him make it to the Western world. Through the years Ragnar, who claims to be a direct descendant of the god Odin, continues to struggle with Earl until the two face each other in a final battle for supremacy. Following that, Ragnar goes on a search for new lands to conquer.
First episode date : March 3, 2013
Theme song : If I Had a Heart
Network : History

TV1 Team

Chief editor TV/RADIO1


Olivier is a chief editor of both Radio and TV1 with 6 years of experience. Olivier was born at Gicumbi in Northern province. Olivier started his career in media at the National University of Rwanda in 2010, he worked with the Radio salus as a trainer journalist. six years after , he is a (...)
Journalist , Sport presenter


Assumpta MUKESHIMANA was borned in 1990. she’s confident in her abilities to produce and write/prepare for the best . Assumpta specializes in reporting or commentating on sporting events with 6 years of experience Education background : 2005-2007 student at Groupe scolaire St bernadete (SAVE) (...)